Where is Mio?

Mio, America-Mura is located in the central part of the Kii Peninsula. It is a small village with an area of about 4,7 square kilometers and the present population is about 550 people. The village of Mio has been known as a fishermen’s village that sent out many villagers with various traditional fishing methods to Canada from the late 19th century to the middle of the 20th century.


*Flight:Vancouver to Kansai (Osaka)

Air Canada

*Flight:Vancouver to Narita (Tokyo)

☆Air Canada


*Flight:Toronto to Narita (Tokyo)

☆Air Canada

You need to get to Gobo first before you can get to Mio. From JR Gobo station you can take a taxi or bus to go to Mio.



JAPAN RAIL PASS, a joint offering of the six companies comprising the Japan Railways Group, is the most economical means of travelling throughout Japan rail.
There are some restrictions on use. However, using this pass allows you to ride the limited Express Kuroshio Line to get to JR Gobo station which is the nearest station to Mio.


The JAPAN RAIL PASS is a special fare ticket that is available only to foreign travelers visiting Japan under the entry status of “temporary visitor”


Procedures of purchasing JAPAN RAIL PASS in a country outside Japan

*step1   Buy at JR designated sales office or agents

Buy your voucher for the JAPAN RAIL PASS at one of the sales offices or agents before coming to Japan.

*step2   Turn in your exchange order to receive a JAPAN RAIL PASS

Present your exchange order and obtain your JAPAN RAIL PASS after you arrive in Japan. You have to present your voucher (and your passport )in order to receive your JAPAN RAIL PASS at a JAPANRAIL PASS exchange office in a major JR station.


※Airport shuttle bus

*Kansai International Airport to JR Wakayama

Time required About 40 minutes
Fare ¥1,200 (one way)  ¥2,200 (round-trip)


As of October in 2019



Airport shuttle bus

Kansai International Airport to JR Wakayama

Time required About 40 minutes
Fare ¥1,200 (one way)  ¥2,200 (round-trip)


*As of October in 2019



Access (Gobo to America-Mura)

The bus stop of Gobo station

Exit the gate and turn left. You will see the bus stop.

Google map street view




*BUS      How to use bus

  1. Get on the bus through the back door.

2.When getting on the bus, take a ticket from a small machine next to the door. A number is printed on the ticket which you will use later to determine your fare.

3. The display at the front of the bus shows the next stop and the fares for that stop in yen.  To determine your fare, match the number on your ticket with the number and fare on the display.

4. To let the driver know you want to get off at the next stop press the pictured button on the bus.

5. When getting off, put your ticket and the exact fare into the box next to driver.


※About changing money

Only 1000 yen bills may be exchanged for change. Otherwise only exact change is accepted. When the bus is stopped you then put the change and ticket in the fare box beside the driver.



Bus timetable (Gobo → America-Mura)

Hinomisaki Park Line                   as of August in 2019

Dep. Gobo                   →           Arr. America-Mura

8:05                                 8:24

9:15                                                  9:34

11:05                                                11:24

12:15                                                12:34

15:03                                                15:23

16:05                                                16:24

17:07                                                 17:27




Bus timetable (America-Mura → Gobo)

Hinomisaki Park Line                         as of August in 2019

Dep. America-Mura             →             Arr. Gobo

9:01                                           9:22

10:01                                          10:22

11:51                                          12:12

13:01                                           13:22

15:39                                           16:00

16:39                                           17:00

17:39                                           18:00




How to find a taxi


Kawakami Taxi (0738-24-0200)  in Japan (+81-738-24-0200)   from overseas
Gobo Daiichi Taxi (0738-22-3366)  in Japan  (+81-738-22-3366)   from overseas


※There is no one who can speak English


<Useful words of place names>

御坊 Gobo
美浜町 Mihama-cho
三尾 Mio
アメリカ村 America-Mura
逢母 Oibo



Rental car


-Kansai international Airport-

Nippon Rent a car (+81-72-456-8787)
Nissan Rent a car (+81-72-456-8623)
Toyota Rent a car (+81-72-456-8790)
Orix Rent a car Japan (+81-72 -456-8780)
Times Car RENTAL (+81-72-456-8544)



Toyota Rent a Car (+81-738-24-1007)
West Japan Railway Rent a Car (+81-738-24-2078)





-Kansai International Airport to Gobo-

Kansai International Airport → Merge onto KIX Access Bridge → Keep right towards Wakayama → Keep right on Hanwa Expressway → Keep right on Yuasa Gobo Road →Take the exit towards Gobo


-Gobo to Mio-

When driving from Gobo to Mio, it is the same as the Bus Route. Please refer to it.