Summer camp


The Kataribe's first collaboration with the students of Kyoto University of Foreign Studies was a joint summer camp that was held in August 2018. The Kataribe juniors guided KUFS students around Mio in English. One of the Kataribe students recalled “We were nervous and couldn’t do it well since it was our first time to guide people in English. But we felt happy when they nodded to us with a smile.”


Chow-Mein Project


The second joint event was held in February 2019 in Mio. The name of the event was “Chake-meshi challenge,” which was a kids cooking seminar to explore the kinds of food early Japanese immigrants ate in Canada. During the event, participants cooked a Japanese Canadian dish called chow mein and ate together. Chow mein is a Chinese style dish of fried noodles with vegetables. The historical record says that some early Japanese immigrants used to gather in a Chinese restaurant to eat chow mein. It is popular in the Japanese Canadian immigrant society, and some people in Mio as well as in Canada continue to make chow mein at home.