About this Archival Project

Mio in Wakayama, Japan, has migrant culture since Meiji era, and it called “America-Mura” . The purpose of this project that we recorded at the event “Katatte! Kiite! Nokosou! Project in America-Mura” (「語って!聞いて!残そう!プロジェクト in アメリカ村」) in November, 2019 to pass on the history and culture of migration from Mio to Canada for future generations.

These days the depopulation of Mio is increasing and the people who had emigrants in their family are becoming older while  the number of young people in Mio is decreasing. We have invited Kataribe Juniors who are learning about the migration from Mio to Canada at this event. The purpose (hope) is to inform and teach more people and students to learn  about this migrant culture, so we recorded the interview videos, researched about the history and culture of migration in Mio and the result are these interviews and information about the experiences of the people and the effect on Mio.

We had interview with…

*Ms. NAKANO, Miyuki (interviewer: Kensuke NAKAI(JPN ver.) / translator: Risa ISOGAI(ENG ver.))

*Ms. HIRAO, Harumi (interviewer: Ryotaro HINO(JPN ver.) /translator: Risa ISOGAI(ENG ver.))

*Ms. ANDO, Hifumi (interviewer: Sae YAMAGUCHI(JPN ver.) / translator: ISOGAI(ENG ver.))

*Ms. SUZUKI, Michiyo (interviewer: Shiori TAMURA)

*Ms. NISHIKIHAMA, Fumiko (interviewer: Kensuke NAKAI / Aika FUKUNAGA)

*Ms. MIO, Takae (interviewer: Aika FUKUNAGA)


Archival Project (ENG)

Archival Project (JPN)