Mio has welcomed Canadian visitors of Japanese ancestry searching for information about their family histories and ancestors from Mio. If you’re looking for information on your Japanese ancestors, obtaining your ancestor’s Japanese Family Registry (Koseki) makes the process easier. “Koseki” will help you find out information such as where your ancestors used to live and who they lived with. If your Japanese ancestors were from Mio, you will most likely to find their “Koseki” at Mihama Town Hall.

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English Koseki Manual

Family History: The Transnational Journey of the Hamade Family

In the summer 2017, Stéphane Hamade, a 5th-generation Japanese-Canadian visited Japan to reconnect with his grandfather’s hometown in Mio, America-Mura. He explored the transnational journey of his family from Mio, America-Mura to Toronto with the students of Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.


●Nikkei Press – Journey sparked by a photograph

Journey sparked by a photograph